Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let's Buy Happiness

     So, I'm all about the things unknown. Life is a little bit more fun that way. So, when I stumble upon a band that literally no one I know, knows about, well it's a gold mine. It's like my own personal band of preference that was made just for me and only I get to enjoy it. So when I intro this band, I mean they're fairly indie. Like barely on the map. Like MAYBE 300 views on YouTube kinda indie. In other words, be happy that I am sharing this band with you, because I wasn't quite sure if I was going to keep them in my private collection or not. Needless to say, because they are so small time this blog will be short and sweet. Let's Buy Happiness is a British band. It falls under the indie category as well as alternative rock genre. They are a self released band that started out playing local shows in Newcastle, England. The band has only released on EP and that is "No Hot Ashes." The band has been invited twice over to record in Maida Vale Studios for BBC radio. As far as it goes for touring, they've toured the U.K twice and have supported many popular British bands such as The Temper Trap. The band's single "Dirty Lakes" is on Spotify's song list of 2011. Within a year of their debut show, they played at Glastonbury Festival 2010 along side major bands like Florence And The Machine and Mumford And Sons. In 2012 the band stated that they were working on a "fresh" new EP for the new year and that the EP was really going to showcase the band and what it's about.

Sadly, the music I'm posting can only be found on YouTube. Grr. Except for one. For one dumb reason. GRRRR. HATE TECHNOLOGY djehipfewufhpeivnreiqpgnuirieqg.
I'm done.

                                          Let's Buy Happiness- Fast Fast

                                         Let's Buy Happiness-Dirty Lakes

                                          Let's Buy Happiness- Works Better On Paper


  1. Where would you say the most easiest/common way to find a 'new' band would be? Youtube.. or?

    1. To be honest, just a whole bunch of searching and digging. Blogger IS a great place, just look up a music tag! Also, youtube is pretty awesome. As long as you know where to look. Let's say you like this band and are listening to them on youtube. Have the window open (not a mini version like on here), and there should be recommendations. I call it Tube Hopping, you click from recommendation to recommendation to see what you like.

  2. What defines "indie"? Is it how many Youtube hits? Whether or not they've been on tour?
    Ps. I agree - life is more fun with unexpected surprises!

    1. Indie to me is more or less independent label. We actually talked about this in class once, but I don't believe you were there that day. Indie has now become of genre for music that isn't well known or, independent label. Independent labels don't typically get that much attention unless they're in a music collective. With this whole hipster thing being popular now, it's really difficult for me to find music which is TRULY indie, and not "mainstream indie".