Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dance Gavin Dance

     Hey! This is my first post to all you music hungry people out there and I thought I'd start off with a band that is easy for me to talk about. Dance Gavin Dance is a mixture of genres, but people tend not to like them because the band does include some screaming ("screamo"). The bands main genre is post hardcore, but also features some soul and funk creating a unique genre all together. Ex-vocalist Jonny Craig add the soul portion of this. In my opinion, Dance Gavin Dance was a much better band when Jonny Craig was the lead singer, though the band still rocks. Dance Gavin Dance is also noted for their original and unique instrumentals, which has always been the point of the band, not the lead singer which is a fresh concept all on it's own. Dance Gavin Dance is signed by Rise Records. Current members of the band are as followed:
Clean Vocals: Tilian Pearson, Will Swan
Unclean Vocals: Jon Mess
Drums/Percussion: Matt Mingus
Guitarist: Will Swan, Josh Benton
Bass Guitarist: Tim Feerick
Rapping: Will Swan